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Our people

power your success

Since 1971, public agencies, contractors and developers across the Central and Western US have trusted our full-service electrical contracting and underground capabilities to deliver on complex projects with tight schedules.? With innovative techniques, specialized tools, a comprehensive pre-planning process, and meticulous attention to detail our experienced team and expansive equipment fleet helps you build a successful project at every phase.


Full-Scope Solutions That Achieve Your Project Goals.

Whether your project need is above grade or below grade, our comprehensive solutions will help you achieve success.

Electrician installing electrical indoors on a ladder


Team installing underground utilities with an excavator

Underground Utility

Team reviewing the design and building plans



Developer working on building information modeling with dual desktop monitors


Consultants discussing construction plans


Co-workers discussing tenant improvement plans


Title 24 Testing
& Compliance

Maintenance and
Special Projects

royal difference

We ALWAYS deliver. Every project - Every phase.

We anticipate challenges and evaluate constructability at every stage, ensuring we always deliver on our client projects. Collective team strengths and a highly qualified, trained workforce enable us to execute complex projects that other electric contractors would consider impossible. We build genuine relationships that drive your project’s success and excel in the following areas:

Customer Protection
Expedited Schedules
Comprehensive Solutions Design
Genuine Relationships
who we serve

Serving Public and Private Electrical Subcontracting & Underground Projects across the Central and Western US.


  • Airports

  • Airfield Lighting

  • Electrical Vault Room

  • FAA Navaids

  • Hangars, Terminals, Air Traffic Control Towers

Civil GC/Transportation

  • Bridges, Dams, Highways

  • Street Lighting

  • Rail & Transit

  • Joint Trench

Multi Family GC

  • Garden Style

  • Podium

  • Wrap

Commercial, Industrial & Distribution

  • Medium Voltage

  • Data/Call Center

  • Medical Office Buildings

  • Parking Garages

  • Manufacturing

  • Hospitality & Entertainment

  • Lift & Pump Stations

  • Water Treatment Plants

  • Emergency & Backup Power Systems

  • Retail


  • K-12

  • Higher Education


Building people.

Building relationships.

Building projects.

Royal Electric team members

Building people through supportive relationships and building projects with collaborative problem-solving carries on the values of our founder Leo Vellutini, who began contracting out of his garage in 1961. The family business specialized in residential, small commercial and service work, officially incorporated in 1971 as Royal Electric Company. Soon after in 1973, Leo’s son Frank Vellutini joined the business. During the 1980s, joined by key employees including Robert Bell, Eric Gardner Sr. and Steven Romero, the company was propelled forward by the development of underground capabilities, ultimately leading to Royal’s recognition as the best airfield electrical contractor in the west. In 1991, with the passing of Leo Vellutini, Frank became President and CEO. Adding partners Robert Bell (2002), Dina Vellutini Kimble (2010) and Eric Gardner II (2015) to his leadership team, guided the expansion of Royal’s expertise throughout California and nine western states. Upon his retirement in 2019, Frank’s daughter Dina Vellutini Kimble, then became President and CEO. She is joined on the Executive Leadership Team by Robert Bell - EVP, Eric Gardner II - COO and Keri Adams - CFO (2013). Together, they continue the legacy of growth started 59 years ago by building the people, relationships and projects Royal has become renowned for.

Royal Electric team members in a group
team royal

We Hire Great People.

Royal’s purpose is the betterment of others, whether it is our employees, clients or communities. That’s why safety is foremost, training is part of our culture, and everyone on our team is encouraged to challenge themselves on each project. ?As a team of experts in diverse areas of work we are united in enthusiasm for continuous improvement, supporting and mentoring each other towards growth and success.


We are - one Royal. Achieving success together.

Master your craft while energizing your career with Royal! If you’re a fun, outgoing, critical thinker who has a positive attitude, desire to learn and are not afraid of hard work, you’re the perfect fit for our team!

Apply Today if You’re Ready for Success and to be Empowered with the following:

Accountability & Opportunity
Encouragement & Mentorship
Fun & Supportive Culture
Training & Development
Challenging Projects
Family Environment
Rewarding Career
Innovative Company
Join our team today!
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